At advanced canine concepts our goal is to address the whole dog. Obedience training alone is seldom, if ever, enough to create the well-balanced dog most of us desire. Obedience training can be most difficult, if not at times, impossible with an inappropriately aligned dog /owner relationship. The inappropriately aligned dog/owner relationship is often the cause of most, if not all, problem dog behavior.
   ​​All of our training begins with what we call pack alignment or realignment training. The proper dog/owner relationship requires respect in both directions. This process can create abundant respect for the owner, while the owner learns to respect the dog. It also unburdens the dog of stressful responsibilities it assumed by default, creates a balance between excitation and calmness, teaches appropriate social conduct, shows the dog it is responsible for its conduct and creates a harmonious relationship, that with  some maintenance, will last a 
   This process is used in remedial situations or with a new dog or puppy. When it is used with a new dog or puppy it should be seen as proactive, like inoculating against future bad behavior. Included in this process are guidelines that create an environment conducive to your dog's long-term good behavior. This process is for everyone, from those who wish to develop the admired loving family pet, to those with more elaborate goals. All training, even basic obedience, requires an objective and concentrated effort from the owner/trainer.    
    Training begins by opening the dog's mind, then developing the willing student. The techniques and processes that accomplish this will vary from dog to dog. Ultimately dogs must find training good for them, so like pectin to jelly, appropriate and meaningful praise is a must to solidify training.
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