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  • All-breed dog training classes 

  • Individual, private one-on-one instruction 

  • In-home private training
  • Group exposure classes- typically made up of private clients
  • All life stages
  • Resident training programs
  • Communicate with your dog. 

  • Open your dog's mind.
  • Apply tried and true techniques and processes.
Dog training is a team activity. Each member of the team has responsibilities. You should be leading, and your dog should be following your lead. If you're unsure or confused, imagine how unsure ,confused and stressed out your dog is. So, to effectively lead or train your dog you need to learn to:
  • Dog training classes for the first time dog owner as well as those with previous experience
  •  Accurately time reinforcement.
  •  Earn your dog's respect and trust.
  • If you do not  already, respect your dog.
  • Use your leash properly.

  • Become the leader your dog needs you to be.

Vet recommended
Dog Training Services 
About Dog Training

  • Owner skills taught and developed

  • Real-world training sessions
Professional dog trainer Scott Kalisz with my male German Shepherd Dog Fanto on the pier at Meigs point

Advanced Canine Concepts is recommended by
  • Area veterinarians 
  • Michael M`Sadoques, 35-year-veteran behaviorist and professional conformation/obedience handler  
  • Clients past and present                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

, LLC  
  Advanced Canine Concepts is a vet recommended dog obedience trainer offering the best expert dog obedience training in eastern CT, including Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, East Lyme, Lyme, Haddam, Deep River, Essex, Chester, East Haddam, Salem, Colchester, Westbrook, Niantic, Waterford, or anywhere else desired. Contact Scott anytime. Thanks for checking out the site.
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Located in East Haddam, CT
Please email trainingcanines@aol.com 
For questions or appointments  email is the best contact option                                                                   trainingcanines@aol.com                                                                          or (860)873-1444                                                                        
  • Develop an environment conducive to your dog's feelings of safety, trust and  good behavior.

   I often hear, "But I just want a family pet." I answer that with my approach of addressing the whole dog; that means all its behavior. Developing its environment, controlling some key patterns of behavior, establishing satiation levels and teaching and developing the owner's handling skills, as well as deepening their understanding  of their dog, provides just that. My in-depth approach is appropriate for dogs of all ages, breeds, temperament and character types, as it is tempered to meet each individual's needs and creates a well-rounded, welcomed and social family member.
We also specialize in the family dog.